10 Tips How a Restaurant Can Manage Peak Hours

It is quite common to think of increasing revenue during off-peak hours in a restaurant. But what about maximising your revenue during peak hours, when you already have too many customers on the block? Seems tempting, right? Here are a few tips and suggestions on how you can improve your restaurant’s turnover at peak service times, without blatantly rushing your guests.

1.       Improve your seating plan. Make sure you have a flexibility of converting 1 four table tops into 2 two table tops to accommodate more clients waiting outside your eatery. 
2.       When maximum people are sitting then prioritise servicing as many people as you can just to reduce the waiting time.
3.       Go for menu engineering which will pinpoint your most profitable and top selling items on the menu. Simplify your menu by removing the least selling and underperforming dishes.
4.       Get your POS system renovated with the most updated software to improve the restaurant’s overall efficiency.
5.       Have ready to eat gravies, frozen fruits and vegetables and other food items handy in the kitchen. This saves a lot of time and decreases waiting time for the customers. This also makes sure that the food is hitting the tables quickly and more guests can be served in less time.
6.       Have a single, most trusted source of supply so that you get the same taste, same best quality of food every time you visit. Jubilant Consumer Private Limited supplies a comprehensive range of food items to restaurants, eateries and food franchises with same quality and precision every time. It goes that extra mile to understand their client’s culinary priorities and pain points, thus providing innovative product solutions which are sharply customised and are made with the most stringent safety and food quality standards.
7.       Have one extra staff member to coordinate inside and outside the kitchen so as to minimise the hassles of serving the right food to right customer at right time.
8.       Cross training of the staff ensures that staff is able to do multitasking at the same time without compromising any work.
9.       Let the prospective diners know that you have a special table for them, as soon as you have a cancelled reservation.
10.   Have an eagle eye on every single transaction which staff can unknowingly forget to get billed.
Have a happy and profitable peak period.